MOOC Yourself

by Amy Woodgate

“As such it is within the hand of the participants and organisers of a MOOC to adapt it to the needs and goals participants want to attain… The community builds and adapts its own playground to the needs of their members.”

“… I strongly believe there is still a deficit in education and efficient training, although education should be a worldwide economic priority… [it] is still a huge global need.”

“In short, MOOCs allow participants to connect no matter what their expertise, age or background. The collaborative effort transforms all information and ideas into new insights.”

— MOOC Yourself, Inge Ignatia D Waard

Although promoting the feminist ideal, is it still the case that the MOOC is missing the fundamental core of a posthuman educational method?

Evolution – key theme

Exciting thought – the viral nature of connectism. Within minutes of receiving Steven Downes weekly update, I had not only read the short summary of the book, but downloaded it and read the first chapter. As is likely to be true for thousands of others around the world. WOW.